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We offer the most affordable and efficient water softeners and filtration systems in West Bloomfield and the surrounding area.


West Bloomfield Water Softener Sales & Service

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Here at Mr. Softener, we can repair or replace your water softener quickly and efficiently. We service West Bloomfield and all of the surrounding areas.

West Bloomfield City Water

West Bloomfield Township's city water comes from the Great Lakes Water Authority. At around 6 grains per gallon, it's only moderately hard. A quality water softener can eliminate hard water buildup on showers, appliances, dishes, and fixtures. Your hair and skin may also benefit from soft water.

West Bloomfield Well Water

Well water in West Bloomfield usually contains high levels of hardness, and moderate levels of iron. Arsenic, nitrates, or other contaminants may also be present. Since every well is different, we recommend that you begin by scheduling a free water analysis.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

You can count on us to provide the highest quality services and equipment at the lowest possible price. We can also repair your water softener. We’re well acquainted with West Bloomfield's water and know the best ways to treat any contaminants that may be present. Give us a call at (877) 616-3666 to schedule your free water analysis today!

Even low levels of hardness and iron can cause annoying hard water deposits on dishes and plumbing fixtures.



Our water analysis includes testing for arsenic, chlorine, dissolved solids, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, nitrates, pH, and more!


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