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Salt Delivery

Here at Mr. Softener, we know you probably have better things to do than lug bags of salt around. That’s why we offer our Salt-Refill service. When your water softener is running low on salt, just schedule online or give us a call. We’ll deliver 200 pounds of salt right into your softener’s brine tank for only $78.00.

During your salt delivery, our technicians can also test your water and inspect your water softener to ensure it’s working at peak performance. If calibration or sanitization is needed, it’s included at no additional charge.

Next time you consider driving to the store, buying salt, loading it in your car, lugging it down the stairs, and dumping it in your softener, remember that there’s an easier way!

You can schedule salt delivery online using the button below, or by calling (877) 616-3666.