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We're the company to call for honest and affordable water softener repair and installation in the Lansing Area.


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Lansing Water Softener Sales & Service

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If you've got a broken softener or if you need one installed, we're here to help! We provide expert water treatment services to Lansing and the surrounding areas.


Lansing City Water

At around 6 grains per gallon, Lansing's city water is moderately hard. Low levels of other contaminants may also be present. We recommend a water softener to prevent hard water buildup on fixtures, showers, and appliances.

Lansing Well Water

In Lansing's well water, we usually encounter high levels of hardness and moderate levels of iron. Depending on the well, other contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide and nitrates may be present. Arsenic testing is also important in this area, as high levels have been found in Ingham County.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

Here at Mr. Softener, we're very familiar with Lansing's water and how to treat it. Our water softeners are made in the USA, and are highly customized to treat the contaminants in your home's water. Our service technicians can test your water and repair or replace your water softener quickly and efficiently. We also offer a wide variety of water filtration systems.

Hardness and iron in Lansing’s well water may stain plumbing fixtures, like this faucet. There’s no reason to put up with water like this. We offer water softener rent-to-own plans starting at less than a dollar per day!



Our water analysis includes testing for arsenic, chlorine, dissolved solids, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, nitrates, pH, and more!


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