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We’re your source for repair and installation of water softeners and filtration systems in the Howell area.


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Howell Water Softener Sales & Service

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If you’re dealing with hard water or other contaminants in Howell, we can help! We offer expert water softener installation and repair. We also install a variety of filtration systems, and provide free water testing to Howell residents.

Howell Well Water

Just like many areas in Michigan, Howell’s well water is typically very hard. It also frequently contains considerable amounts of iron which can produce reddish brown stains, and hydrogen sulfide which gives water a rotten egg smell. Arsenic testing is important, as high levels have been found in wells in and around Howell. Methane has also been found in some wells around Oak Grove and Cohoctah.

Howell City Water

Howell city water is drawn from several deep wells. The City of Howell removes about 70% of hardness, leaving around 6 grains per gallon. While this is significantly better than untreated well water, it can still cloud dishes and damage appliances and plumbing fixtures. Howell city water also contains chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and fluoride.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

We offer the best water softeners and filtration systems at a fraction of our competitor’s price. We have a lot of experience removing contaminants from Howell’s water, and we’d love the opportunity to help you obtain safe, great tasting water too!

Hardness and iron in Howell’s well water often discolor plumbing fixtures, such as this faucet. There’s no reason to put up with water like this. We offer water softener rent-to-own plans starting at less than a dollar per day!



Our water analysis includes testing for arsenic, chlorine, dissolved solids, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, nitrates, pH, and more!


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