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If you're having trouble with hard water, iron, arsenic or other contaminants in the Holly area, we're here to help!


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Holly Water Softener Sales & Service

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Here at Mr. Softener, we're committed to providing the most affordable and effective water treatment services to Holly residents. We sell and service water softeners, filtration systems, and reverse osmosis units.

Holly City Water

The Village of Holly's water is hard and contains low levels of arsenic, chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and fluoride. We recommend a water softener be installed to treat hardness, and a reverse osmosis system for drinking water.

Holly Well Water

Holly residents on well water often experience hardness, iron staining, and odor problems. Arsenic and pollutants can also affect Holly's well water. Since every well if different, a water analysis is necessary to determine which contaminants are present.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

Our water softeners and filtration systems are built to last. They’re also extremely affordable. Our friendly and professional technicians can also repair your existing softener, and they’re familiar with the contaminants commonly found in Holly's water. Our softening and filtration systems are made in the USA, and customized to treat the water in your home.

If your faucet looks like this, you probably have hard water. Did you know that you can also rent to own a brand new water softener for less than a dollar per day?



Our water analysis includes testing for arsenic, chlorine, dissolved solids, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, nitrates, pH, and more!


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