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If you're struggling with hard water, iron, or other contaminants in Davisburg, we're here to help!


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Davisburg Water Softener Sales & Service

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Here at Mr. Softener, we can repair or replace your water softener, filtration system, or reverse osmosis unit quickly and affordably. We service all of Davisburg and the surrounding area.

Davisburg’s Well Water

Davisburg's well water is often very hard with iron and odor problems sometimes present. Organic chemicals have also been detected in groundwater near the Springfield Township Dump.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

We provide some of the most efficient water softeners and filtration systems you can get. Our friendly technicians can also repair any brand of water softener. We’re very familiar with Davisburg's water and know how to solve the problems we might encounter. Our systems are made right here in the USA, and are highly efficient.

Davisburg’s well water is often very hard. Left untreated, hard water can damage plumbing, appliances, and fixtures such as this faucet.