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You can count on us for the most affordable and efficient water softeners and filtration systems available. We service all of Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas.


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Ann Arbor Water Softener Sales & Service

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Here at Mr. Softener, we know how to treat the contaminants found in Ann Arbor's water. We also pride ourselves in our ability to install the highest quality water softeners and filtration systems at the lowest possible price.

Ann Arbor City Water

The City of Ann Arbor does a great job of providing water with only 6 grains per gallon of hardness. While this is still considered moderately hard water, it's far better than much of the municipal water that we encounter. Low levels of some substances such as chlorine, chlorine byproducts and fluoride are also present, so you may want to consider a reverse osmosis system for drinking water.

Ann Arbor Well Water

Ann Arbor's well water is almost always hard, and frequently contains high levels of iron. Odors due to hydrogen sulfide are also encountered. Groundwater in some areas has also been contaminated with dioxane, which has been linked to cancer and other health issues. Arsenic testing is also important, as it has been found in some wells.

Why Choose Mr. Softener?

We're proud to offer a full line of water treatment products that are made in the USA, and come with a great warranty. They're also some of the most efficient unit's on the market. Our technicians can also repair just about any brand of water softener or reverse osmosis system. If there's anything we can do for you, just give us a call at (877) 616-3666.

Our reverse osmosis system uses advanced membrane technology to remove many substances from your drinking water. Rent to own options starting at less than a dollar per day are available.



Our water analysis includes testing for arsenic, chlorine, dissolved solids, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, nitrates, pH, and more!


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